Yellow Flowers on Blue Plate | Yolanda Whitehead

Yellow Flowers on Blue Plate

Oil on canvas painting by Waiheke artist Yolanda Whitehead.

This is an original artwork by an established Waiheke artist. To see more works by Yolanda Whitehead visit our sister site Artisphere.

Dimensions:  200 mm x 200 mm


Yolanda Whitehead is South African born, but has called New Zealand home since 1995. She lives on Waiheke Island.

“I am enthralled by the world around me. Everything catches my eye and I’m constantly thinking about how I would paint what I see. How would I compose it? What palette would I use? etc. etc. The questions are endless and the solutions are varied and consuming. The answers to these questions are never finite and it fascinates me to explore them.”


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